Buy-Sell Transaction services, Including NPA Carve-Outs

For obvious reasons, a decision concerning selling or acquiring a company is one C-level management’s most critical functions. If carried out properly with facts, strategy, tactics and validation, it can be a paradigm changer for good. If not, it can lead to wasting precious executive time and financial assets.

Our team of value-adding professionals manages and coordinates the acquisition or sale transaction process with the advantage of having presided over a number of both national and international transactions (for clients as well as for ourselves). We manage all aspects of the process in coordinating various advisors (including legal, tax, valuation, audit and environmental) while advising stake holders of milestones, critical issues and/or timely decisions required to keep the process on-time and on-budget.


Stand Alone Transaction Services

Coordinate all aspects of Buy/Sell Due Diligence including Financial, Structural, Competitive Environment, Risk Assessment, Regulatory, Environmental, Representations, etc.


Post-Acquisition Integration

This topic is addressed a couple of times in the process of acquiring a company. First in the up-front activities including due-diligence where policy and practices are evaluated; and second, when the acquisition is completed and two entities have to be joined in the most efficient way.

Development of Integration Plan
Integration Team Selection
Integration time-line agreement
Management of Integration Plan