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Charles H. Nichols has over 20 years of consulting and corporate management experience and has held P&L management positions in a broad range of industrial sectors.

He is President and founder of International Marketing & Research Company (IMARC) which was established in 1985. IMARC, a Boulder, Colorado based management consulting company, with affiliates in New York, and Detroit, specializes in international trade, military and government sales, strategic acquisitions, start-ups, and high-growth companies and divisions ranging in annual turn-over from $10 Mil. USD to $750 Mil. USD

Mr. Nichols has been on the executive team in a number of successful start-up and acquisition-growth companies.

While providing critical consulting services for due-diligence, strategic marketing, and executive recruiting, a client company grew from a $2.5 million seed-money operation in 1984 to an international public company with revenues approaching $650 million within 5 years. The accelerated growth was achieved through a combination of international acquisitions and organic growth.

In a previous international assignment, Mr. Nichols was a senior in-house management consultant to ASEA Hagglunds, a division of the Wallenberg Banking Group Companies of Sweden. During his tenure, he consulted in matters pertaining to corporate strategy and management. Additionally, he managed the rapid growth of the Civilian Tracked Vehicle Division for Hagglunds. He and his team grew this division to a position of market dominance in the high-performance segment with six regional locations across the United States and Canada. This company was sold in 1993.

In more recent M&A activities, Mr. Nichols acquired Headway Industries, Inc., a Denver, Colorado based manufacturer of hi-tech cast and molded polyurethane products. This company was acquired by Mr. Nichols as a strategic roll-up candidate and, after merging it with a competitor, and restructuring the new operation, it was subsequently sold to an investment group.

Mr. Nichols' past and present clients include INCENTIVE AB of Stockholm, Sweden; Hagglunds-Moelv AB of Moelv, Norway; Ford Motor Corporation, Dearborn, Michigan; Chrysler Corporation (now Daimler-Chrysler of Troy Michigan), and Worthington Industries of Detroit, Michigan; J.P. Industries of Ann Arbor, Michigan; ASEA Hagglunds, Inc. of Houston, Texas; Porsche Design of Zell am See, Austria; and ALCOA Aluminum of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Nichols holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from University of Colorado.

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