Company/Client Objectives

Doing business in the United States

If it is your goal to open your manufacturing and/or marketing activities to include the United States, we are there with years of successful experience to help. We can advise on a project-basis or we can provide turn-key solutions for manufacturing and/or marketing your products.

Build organically, acquire, merge, or partner

When making a decision concerning how to most efficiently execute your concept of marketing in the United States, there are usually several approaches. But for a given product, industry, and/or organization, there is usually one optimum approach for the given circumstances. We gather the facts and produce an optimum plan that will meet your timing and investment parameters.

Under-performing assets

Perhaps the assets already deployed in the United States are not performing up to budget and/or the market for such assets. We have the experience and ability to stimulate increased sales velocity, improve manufacturing efficiencies, and/or help you with a reasonable exit strategy should that be what is suggested by the facts.

Under-performing management

Sometimes the only reasonable solution for under-performing company assets is a strategic change of management. We have the resources and experience to recruit successful industry-specific talent that will improve results.

Market research

The success rate in business plan execution is directly correlated to the reliability and accuracy of the information upon which the plan was built. We have over 40 years of combine research contacts and experience that can be brought to bear on a given planning requirement.