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Company Objectives
Scope of Services
What Differentiates Us

Scope of Services

Business Improvement & Planning
- Perform critical assessment of current situation
- Identify and assess additional markets and opportunities for a given operational competence
- Prepare strategic and operational business plans to address newly identified opportunities
- Competitive assessment
- Define critical success factors
- Identify alternative success strategies
- Develop exit strategy

Joint Ventures and Partnering

- Identify competency-based partnering opportunities
- Create performance-based joint operating agreements
- Identify and assess joint venture candidates
- Plan joint venture business entities
- Joint venture or operational partner agreement implementation

Operations Evaluations
- Key management
- Plant, equipment, and capital structure
- Process
- Scrap and rework
- Inventory, requirement vs. actual (adjusted)
- Location and logistics strategy

Market Research & Planning
- Research current or proposed market
- Competitive assessment
- Product, Place, Position, Proposition, Price
- Customer audit
- Actionable marketing plans

  Project Management
- Use proven operational process outline
- On-site or off-site project management
- Combination in-house and consulting oversight management
- Timing and budget milestone governance
Executive Recruiting
- Executive management (P&L)
- Functional area management
- C-level management
- Marketing/Sales
- Engineering/Manufacturing
- Finance
- Information Technology (IT)
- Customer relationship
- Board members

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